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Under the Criminal Code of Canada, various offenses fall under the definition of a property crime, most notably:

Possession of Stolen Property – Knowingly possessing property (property or thing) without permission from the owner.

Theft – To take property dishonestly without the intention of returning it.

Mischief – To intentionally cause damage, destruction or injury to one’s property.

Break & Enter – To unlawfully enter someone’s premises with malicious intent.

Robbery – To take or attempt to take valuables from another person by force and/or threat.

David Baker aggressively defends clients charged with property offenses, working to reduce or eliminate charges so clients can move on with their lives. Contacting a defence attorney such as David at the earliest opportunity is the best course of action to avoid self-incrimination and other legal complications.

ShopliftinG CHARGES

A charge of shoplifting or theft can have serious legal consequences for those accused, including stern penalties and a permanent criminal record. Fighting these allegations – even minor charges – requires experienced legal counsel that utilizes the best strategy for reducing or eliminating the charges.

David Baker has defended individuals accused of theft at all levels of court. His experience includes cases of employee and customer theft, auto theft, and incidents of family theft.  His goal in each case is to prevent a criminal record, which he works towards through a variety of creative legal defence strategies. If you or someone you know has been charged with shoplifting or theft, contact David today for a free initial consultation.  

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